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SICK - Cannibalistic Torment | CD

Image of SICK - Cannibalistic Torment | CD



RELEASE DATE: december 14

For all die-hard-slam-fans who have been waiting over ten years for a heavyweight in the style of DEVOURMENT's cult-album MOLESTING THE DECAPITATED.

Includes artwork by no less than
the Skingraver JON ZIG and Devourment's MIKE MAJEWSKI.

01. Consuming Putrid Innards
02. Witnessing Extreme Torture
03. Exsanguination Through Mutilation
04. Cannibalistic Torment
05. Eviscerating the Corpulent
06. *Regurgitating Excrement Matter

07. *Witnessing Extreme Torture

08. *Grotesque Vaginal Transplant

09. *Eviscerating the Corpulent

*Taken from 2007 "Exsanguination Through Mutilation" self-release